Salem, Massachusetts should be on the travel bucket list of anyone who loves autumn, Halloween, history, or witches. The whole town has really embraced their place in history as “the place where the witch trials happened”. There are tons of little shops and spots all around town that are all witch-themed (including filming locations from the ultimate Halloween witch flick, Hocus Pocus).

One of the witchiest spots you can check out in Salem? Witch House, of course.

Witch house 

Witch House, which was once the home of witch trial judge Jonathan Corwin, is the only original building or structure that remains in Salem with ties to the witch trials.

The house is now a museum, which you can explore the inside of for about $8 for adults and about $4 for kids 6-14 (details on purchasing tickets can be found here).

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Being on a budget and in a hurry, we decided to skip over touring the house and instead used it as the backdrop for some really epic photos.

With it’s dark grey/black exterior, Witch House makes the perfect spot to snap pictures that looks really Salem-y.


 Witch house in Salem massachusetts

Tips for Visiting Witch House in Salem

Where is it?

Witch House is located at 310 1/2 Essox Street, Salem Massachusetts, right in the heart of downtown Salem (and right next door to Ropes Mansion, which was used as the exterior for Allison’s house in the movie Hocus Pocus)


When should I visit?

EARLY!! One big thing to keep in mind about Salem is that it’s a town that attracts lots and lots of tourists. If you want to get amazing pictures in front of Witch House in a stress-free way, get there in the morning.

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We stopped by at around 7:00 a.m. and had the entire place to ourselves. This allowed us to get lots of great shots with zero stress.


What should I know?

Because this house is a museum and not someone’s private home, you can go right up to the door and stand on the stoop for your pictures! I highly recommend setting up your camera back towards the sidewalk so you can get as much of that gorgeous house in the picture as possible.

This is also a great spot to take amazing travel photos of kids, even if they are young or super active like ours. With the large yard in front of the house, kids have plenty of room to safely roam around a little while you snap some great shots.

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That’s it! If you’re passing through Salem in a hurry, Witch House makes the perfect spot to snap a few pictures that really capture the essence of Witch Town. Happy travels!

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