Anyone else like to think outside the box when it comes to decorating spaces for your little ones? We sure do!

While the characters are fun from time to time, we like to throw some learning-friendly decor into the mix, too.  If princess and race car decor isn’t really your thing, mix it up with some fun STEAM and STEM room decor for toddlers and kiddos!

These science, technology, engineering, art, and math-themed items will perfectly adorn the rooms of your little learners.

They also make great gift ideas for birthdays and holidays if you don’t want to go too toy crazy. If you have a pregnant friend or family member who may want something a little more science-y, many of these also make super cute nursery decor.

Explore the galaxy, perform the experiments, and solve the equations with your cute little kiddos and these cute little finds. 🙂


stem gift ideas kids



STEAM and STEM Room Decor for Toddlers and Kids

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stem room decor for toddlers


  1. Ask More Questions Poster

  2. Personalized Rocket Step Stool

  3. Mathematical Tree Wall Decal

  4. Planet Kid Wall Art

  5. Linear Mathematics Area Rug (Black)

  6. Geometric Figure Wall Art Deal

  7. Body Parts Floor Mat

  8. Chemistry Beaker Wall Decal 

  9. Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Sleeping Bag

  10. A+ Child Science Table 

  11. Artist Studio Super Art Table

  12. Outer Space Toddler Bedding Set

  13. Starry Night Projection Lamp

  14. Cactus Table Lamp

  15. Animal Tree Growth Chart Wall Decal

  16. Blue Dinosaur Throw Pillow

  17. Celestial Starry Night Hideaway

  18. Distressed Math Symbols Wall Decor

  19. Science Canvas Art

  20. Science Formula Shower Curtain

  21. Science is Like Magic But Real Pillow

  22. Large Space Nod Chair Cover

  23. Star Gazer Table Lampshade

  24. Pluto Throw Pillow

  25. Earth Science Wall Art


Have you found any amazing STEAM or STEM decor for toddlers or kids anywhere? Let me know in the comments!