There are some pregnant women who breeze through pregnancy without ever experiencing morning sickness or nausea. And then there are the rest of us.

During both of my pregnancies, the morning sickness came on strong when I was about 5 weeks pregnant and lasted well into my second trimester, at which point acid reflux took over until I delivered.  It was absolute hell.

While every pregnancy is different, and different things work for different people, these 5 foods were my rock stars during those nauseating months and served as fantastic remedies for morning sickness. 


Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Always make sure to run any diet changes by a doctor or medical professional (which I am not). 



1. Hot Water with Lemon

hot water lemon morning sickness remedies

Staying hydrated is super important throughout pregnancy. It’s also super important if you’re sick of vomiting. Thus, staying hydrated while experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy is an absolute must.

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Personally, I found drinking water to be a challenge during the first trimester. I had trouble drinking anything, to be honest. Hot water with a fresh slice of lemon was about all I could keep down. 

If you’re experiencing morning sickness, keep a mug of hot water with lemon nearby throughout the day. Sip slowly and sip often.



2. Grapefruit

morning sickness remedies pregnant grapefruit


I didn’t discover how amazing grapefruit was as a morning sickness remedy until my second pregnancy. It quickly became my daily breakfast (as well as my snack, lunch, or dinner on some really rough days).

The fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C are also great for you and your growing little love bug, which is an added bonus. Like most fruits, grapefruit has a high water content that can help keep you hydrated.

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3. Fresh Ginger

ginger for morning sickness pregnancy

Have you ever seen pregnant women toting around a can of Ginger Ale? Chances are, you probably have. And there’s a reason: ginger is known to help settle the stomach.

If you’re looking for a morning sickness remedy that isn’t a soda, give some fresh ginger a try. Add it to your mug of hot water with lemon, or trying grating it into dishes (Asian-inspired stir fries with veggies, for example).



4. Saltine Crackers

saltine crackers for morning sickness during pregnancy

Not a health food by any means, but these crackers are probably one of the most commonly used remedies for morning sickness during pregnancy. They are simple and bland, so you can snack on them slowly without upsetting your already-sensitive stomach.

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One thing that can make morning sickness worse is having a completely empty stomach, so keeping these crackers on hand will help keep something down during the day.



5. Watermelon

remedies for morning sickness watermelon


Fresh melon is wonderful if you’re experiencing morning sickness.

With its high water content and simple-yet-sweet taste, watermelon, in particular, will help keep you hydrated while preventing your stomach from being completely empty. 



Which  foods were your heroes during morning sickness?




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