South Carolina isn’t exactly known for its plethora of memorable locations from film and television. That’s why, as a South Carolina native, I get ridiculously excited when I see a little bit of my home state show up in a movie or show.

During a binge session of the Netflix series House of Cards, I almost screamed out loud (or whatever the internalized equivalent of screaming out loud is) as a very familiar site to those from upstate South Carolina appeared in Chapter 3: The Gaffney Peach, aka “Peachoid”.

Peach Tower from House of Cards in South Carolina

The Moon Over Gaffney (as the locals often refer to it) is a giant water tower in the shape of a peach, resembling a tush, that can be clearly seen from the I-85 between Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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As we frequent that drive all. the. time. now (living in Atlanta; my parents—aka free babysitters—living just south of Charlotte), I decided to actually check it out recently.


If you’re planning on checking out the peach for yourself, here are a few tips:


Where Exactly Is It Located?

The best address to use to get to the peach from House of Cards is:

294 Peachoid Road
Gaffney, SC 29341

It’s a short drive off the interstate and then back on again, which makes it a great little pit stop if you’re road-tripping through.

Where Should I Take Pictures?

Not on the side of the interstate. I repeat, not on the side of the interstate.

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If you use the address listed above, it will lead you to a Fatz Cafe. Enter the parking lot to Fatz and head towards the back. The lot is huge, and there’s plenty of free parking (it’s as if they anticipated people doing this). There are also some benches and tables that can be used for posing.

The peach is incredibly accessible, which makes it a great spot to snap a few photos, like this one of Miss Abilene:

Baby at House of Cards Peach in South Carolina

That’s basically all you need to know to visit the House of Cards peach. If you’re a fan of the show and are in the area, definitely worth the 15-ish minutes it will take you to visit. Frank Underwood would approve.

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Peach from House of Cards with Baby

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