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Pregnancy + Birth

Pumping at Work: 3 Tips for Having “The Talk” With Your Boss

Returning to the workforce after giving birth is a tricky transition, especially if you're a breastfeeding mama who is going to be pumping at work. After you've built up a breastmilk freezer stash and stocked up on breastmilk-boosting teas comes perhaps the biggest...

How to Create the Perfect Millennial Baby Registry

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure for details.   1. Register in the Right Places   Amazon Creating an Amazon Baby Registry is a no-brainer. You're bound to have friends and family who are already Amazon Prime members, so creating a...


Breastfeeding After a C-Section: 3 Ways to Make It Easier

Recovering from a c-section is no picnic. You've had freakin' SURGERY, after all. Walking is difficult, wearing pants is excruciating, and even laughing is uncomfortable. And if you're a mom who is planning to try breastfeeding after a c-section? You have a whole...

Breastfeeding Teas: The Ultimate List

Breastfeeding teas are one of the most popular ways to increase breastmilk production. If you're a nursing mama who is struggling with a naturally low breastmilk supply (I HEAR you, lady friend) or you're just trying to increase your milk production to build a legit...

Parenting + Family

The Little Gym: A Perfect Activity for Babies and Toddlers

The is a sponsored post in partnership with The Little Gym and The Motherhood. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.  One big question that parents of babies and toddlers tend to ask themselves constantly is what exactly am I supposed to be doing with my kids at...

Easy Ways for Non-Nursing Partners to Bond with a Breastfed Baby

There's no question that breastfeeding is a wonderful way for a nursing mom to bond with her brand new baby. It's comforting for baby, and the constant skin-to-skin time is great for both mama and little one. But bonding with baby is not exclusively for moms who...

How to Pick the Perfect Shoes for Walking Toddlers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Surprize by Stride Rite for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.   The moment your little one starts walking, everything changes. They are constantly going everywhere and anywhere, and are busy exploring literally...

Start Your Mom Blog

Starting my own mom blog was one of the best choices I’ve made. And you know what? It was pretty freakin’ easy to do! Learn how to start your blog from scratch, build it with bomb resources, then grow it into a source of income for you and your family.

How to Start Your Blog

A step-by-step guide for complete beginners on how to start your own blog from absolute scratch.

Blogger's Resource Guide

All the resources (including a whole bunch of free ones!) to help you build that blog.

Make Money Blogging

Income reports and tips and tricks to turn your passion into actual income for you and your family.

3 Tips for Booking Sponsored Blog Posts

This post contains affiliate links. Please read full disclosure here.    So random fact: I've watched the entire Sex and the City series in its entirety no fewer than 100 times. Because I'm a millennial woman, I'm certain that this statement shocks and surprises you...