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mama blog audit


If you’ve started up your own mama blog and are ready to start making some money, but aren’t quite sure what to do next—we can help!


With Kids and Coffee’s Mama Blog Audit helps new mom bloggers use their time strategically to get impactful results in a short period of time. We know you’re busy (you’re a mom!), and we know that time is limited (you’re a mom!), so we keep it super simple and highly effective to help you reach your blogging goals.


This audit is designed to help mom bloggers:

  • Make effective tweaks to their blog and social media accounts that will help them reach their blogging goals

  • Move towards consistent branding across all platforms

  • Up web traffic and engagement with their audience

  • Start moving towards making money (or more money!) off of their blog


Mama Blog Audit Includes:

  • A Thorough Review of Your Blog and Social Media Accounts from a Mama Blogger Who Makes Monthly Supplemental Income Through Blogging

  • 5 Quick and Impactful Fixes for Your Blog (That Can Be Done After Bedtime)

  • 5 Quick and Impactful Fixes for Your Social Media Accounts (That Can Be Done During Naptime)

  • 3 Big-Picture Goals for Your Next Month of Blogging and Social Media-ing (Because, Honestly…Some Things Take Time)

  • Additional Monthly Blog Audits at a Discounted Rate (25% off) (Because You Never Have to Do This Alone!)


The audit and write-up will be complete within 48 hours of purchase. Time is money, mamas!



If this sounds like something that could help you on your path to rocking your mama blog, sign up with the button below.


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