When we found out that we were expecting our first child a few years back, I did the thing that all new parents do: I registered for all of the baby items that I was “supposed” to have.

This included a gigantic diaper bag that I had to tote around over my shoulder.

Spolier alert: I hated that kind of diaper bag and found something that works better for me and for my partner, Dave—a backpack diaper bag.

I know, right?? Genius.

I’ve partnered with the wonderful people over at IncrediBundles Baby Gifts to share my family’s journey towards becoming backpack diaper bag kinda folks.

 Backpack diaper bag for dad or mom

Why We Love Using Backpack Diaper Bags (and Why You Will, Too!)


The Classic Diaper Bag Experience

A few months after having my daughter, I felt the need to “step up my diaper bag game” so that I could be like the other cool moms, and ended up buying another diaper bag, this time a little more designed and purse-looking (and, a lot more expensive).

And guess what? I actually hated using both of these bags.

Unless I had a stroller to attach them to, I would be lugging around these huge things with my newborn who only wanted to be held for the first few months of her life. They would constantly be slipping down my arm, or swinging around and hitting other people when we were out in public.

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When I went to actually use the bag for what it was intended for—diaper changes—I would find myself digging through the mess of stuff that always ends up in a diaper bag just to find what I need. Not ideal. My partner, Dave, wouldn’t even touch the bags because they were such a pain to use.


Wait…You Can Use a Backpack Diaper Bag?!

Then one day between having Baby #1 and Baby #2, my former boss brought her baby—and her diaper bag—to work. What was she using? A backpack diaper bag.

The bag was resting securely on her back. Her hands were free to hold her baby. And her family only had to deal with one diaper bag because her husband was more-than-willing to wear the sporty backpack diaper bag. My mind was officially blown.


Trying to Use a Regular Backpack As a Diaper Bag

When it came time for Baby #2, I skipped over the traditional diaper bags and started out using a backpack that I got from Target at some point.

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It worked okay, but I still ran into the issue of not being able to access everything that I needed quickly and easily, as the majority of my diaper-changing tools had to live in the large main compartment with all of my other mom junk.


Oh!! There Are Actually Bags Designed to Be Used as a Backpack Diaper Bag!

Ah ha moment! It turns out that there are actually bags that are designed to be used as backpack diaper bags, like this one from Dad Gear that I received from the wonderful baby gift company, IncrediBundles. (Fun fact—this is the same bag that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher use for their little ones! You can see Ashton wearing it in one of the pictures in this article, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. ;))

This bag has baby-specific features like a special Diaper Hammock compartment at the top of the bag and an easy-access wipe compartment on the front so that when it comes time for diaper changers, you never have to go digging. Everything is right there—ready to go.

Additionally, there are tons and tons of compartments on this bag so that you can not only carry everything you need, but keep it organized, too.

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What I also love about this particular bag is that it is specifically designed for both women and men to be able to comfortably carry, which means that for families with both a mom and a dad, there is absolutely no need for different diaper bags—this one works for everyone in the household!


Final Takeaway

Never will I ever go back to not using a backpack diaper bag again. It’s just so much easier to use, and anything that makes parenting a little easier is an A+ in my book.

If you’re interested in snagging one of these Dad Gear Diaper Backpacks (they would make a great baby shower gift if you know a soon-to-be dad, btw), you can order them online here


Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary product and/or monitory compensation by IncrediBundles for the purpose of writing an honest review of the Dad Gear Diaper Backpack. All opinions are 100% my own, and I never recommend a product that I haven’t personally used and loved. 

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