I’m excited to have partnered with Bumble Bee® for this sponsored post. All opinions 100% are my own.

It took me over a year, but I’m finally getting around to losing some of the baby weight that I gained during my second pregnancy. It’s been so much more of a challenge this time around with the multiple little ones, carpool drop offs, activity schedules, work, and just general life craziness that comes with having young kids around.

The thing that I’ve been really struggling with when it comes to losing the baby weight? I’m always hungry. 

I don’t know if it’s the breastfeeding or the constant go, go, go!-ing, but not matter how hearty of a breakfast I start the day with, I always find myself getting hit with hunger in the late morning and late afternoon.

To stick with my goals of healthy eating, I’ve been leaving the house armed with easy, healthy snacks that will get me through the day without derailing my meal plan.

Are you someone who struggles to keep your eating on track when you’re on the go? These are my 5 favorite tips that have helped me be successful so far—give them a shot and see if they work for you, too!

5 Tips for Healthy Snacking On The Go


1. Keep It Simple

Don’t try to meal prep an elaborate mid-day snack for yourself. If it involves an excessive amount of chopping, needs to be refrigerated, or requires you to do a ton of dishes—skip it. You have enough on your plate.

A great example of the perfect on-the-go snack? Bumble Bee® Seasoned Tuna Pouch with Spoon—emphasis on the “with Spoon” part. These pouches, which each come with a little disposable spoon, can be easily tossed into your bag when your heading out the door, and will be there waiting for you when hunger hits. No refrigeration required, and no dishes for you to do later. Win!


2. Flavor is Your Friend

Who here gets excited at the thought of eating a bland, flavorless snack? Oh, right. Absolutely no one.

If your midday snack is blah, you’re much more likely to find yourself one that isn’t—such as chips, sugary sweets, or something else that isn’t a exactly the healthy choice you were aiming for.

Set yourself up for snacking success by picking something with bold flavor that will keep your tastebuds looking forward to snack time. These Seasoned Tuna Pouches from Bumble Bee® come in a plethora of delicious flavors like Lemon & Pepper, Jalapeño, Sriracha, and—my personal favorite—Spicy Thai Chili. Nothing bland or boring about that!

3. Punch Up the Protein

Picking a snack that packs some protein will help fuel your body and get you through the day.

Try to opt for easy on-the go protein-filled snacks such as almonds, walnuts, roasted chickpeas, or Seasoned Tuna Pouches, which have 11-15oz of protein per package, making them a great source of lean protein.


4. Don’t Break the Bank

Spending too much money on overpriced snacks will only add stress. You don’t want that. You’ve got enough going on.

Keep your snacks healthy and budget-friendly by sticking to fresh veggies and fruit (save a little money and prep them yourself instead of buying pre-cut items), whole-grain crackers, and affordable sources of protein like peanut butter or Seasoned Tuna Pouches from Bumble Bee®.

5. Mix It Up!

Don’t eat the exact same thing every single day! You will get board quickly and lose interest in sticking to your healthful snacks.

I like to switch things up from day to day, which is why these little Seasoned Tuna Pouches are so great to have around. Sometimes I’ll spoon the tuna onto a whole grain tortilla for an on-the-go wrap. Other days I’ll pour it over some fresh spinach for an easy, quick salad. Most of the time I’ll enjoy it right out of the pouch with the convenient little spoon because I’m usually running late. 😉

Whether you’re mixing up the flavor or the way you prep it—just make sure you mix it up a bit. 



What are your favorite tips for healthy snacking on-the-go? Let me know in the comments!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bumble Bee® Seasoned Tuna Pouch with Spoon. All opinions 100% are my own.