Parenting Article Disclaimer: We are Team Parent, first and foremost. The reasoning for writing this piece on gender-neutral clothing is simply to serve as a resource for other parents who may be interested in shopping for similar items. This piece is in no way intended to shame or belittle anyone who isn’t a fan of gender-neutral baby clothing, or prefers to stick to more traditional baby clothing choices. (We really mean that.) Please choose to keep this space positive and supportive. 




One of the most fun parts of preparing for a new baby is getting to look at all of those cute, itty bitty little baby clothes.

Aren’t they the best? The baby shoes and the baby shirts and those liiiiiittle newborn onesies. *Sigh*

As the mama of two girls, I received a lot of baby clothes—almost all of which were pink, purple, bowed up, glittered to death, or contained cutesie little phrases like “cutie pie” or “princess” all over them.

While my girls still rock those items from time to time (free clothes are free clothes, right?), when I’m shopping for them I prefer to go a different route: the gender-neutral one.



Where to get gender Neutral Baby clothes

Gender Neutral Baby Clothes: Where and Why To Buy Them

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Why to Buy

1. More Affordable

When you keep clothes simple and basic, they tend to be a little bit less expensive. This is especially true for girl moms, because all of those little dresses with the matching bows start to add up REAL quick.


2. Better Shot at Reusing Them

If you’re planning on having more kiddos, investing in gender-neutral clothing from the get-go ensures that you’ll be able to use those pieces not matter how your family grows.


3. Easier to Pass Along

If you’re one-and-done, or just looking to donate and start fresh with your next child’s wardrobe, donating or giving away gender-neutral clothing ensures that any family in need of those items will be able to easily use them.


4. Frankly…Because Too Many Baby Clothes Focus Way Too Much on Gender Stereotypes and Having an Entire Wardrobe of Those Clothes Can Be a Bit Much

(Or maybe it’s just me who feels this way? )

Where to Buy


Here are some of my absolute favorite spots for picking up some gender-neutral baby-ness:











I’m completely obsessed with because they sell basic pieces in solid colors—and lots of them!

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There are so many colors to choose from; everything from the basics you’d expect (including white AND black!) to fun off-beat (but still totally gender-neutral) colors like Mint, Butter, and Pool (pictured above).

Shop for gender-neutral baby clothes on here. 

2. Amazon







Yep! You’re just a quick Amazon search for “gender neutral baby clothes”away from finding…a whole bunch of gender neutral baby clothes. Bonus if you’re an Amazon Prime member—you’ll get to utilize that free 1-day or 2-day shipping on many of the items. Wiiiin!

You can shop for gender neutral baby clothes on Amazon here.


3. Etsy

Etsy is filled with amazing little shops filled with handmade goods, like this adorable ATL onesie from TheBusyBeeCreations. If you’re looking for baby clothes that are both gender-neutral and a bit unique, this is your spot.

Shop for gender-neutral baby clothes on Etsy here. 

4. Instagram!









Yes, that Instagram. The social media network that we all know and love is a great place to find some amazing small shops and mama-run operations.

Well-known brands like Freshly Picked and June and January (where you can get the adorable Hoodie Jumper pictured above) are worth checking out for their gender-neutral staples.

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5. Target







I know, I know. There’s maybe a slight chance that you’ve picked up a thing or two at Target.

But here’s a pro-tip when you’re on the hunt for gender-neutralityshop the entire children’s section.

There are some great basics that are usually stashed away on the boys’ side. Don’t miss these! They’ve become staples in my daughter’s wardrobe.

Shop for gender neutral baby clothes from Target here.

6. Burts Bees









If you didn’t already know, the makers of those wonderful chap sticks that you may have already been using also make super cute baby clothes!

Oh so soft and made from 100% Organic Cotton, Burts Bees has so many gender-neutral baby cloth options available.

You can buy gender-neutral baby clothes from Burts Bees online here. 


Some of My Favorites

I’ve pulled some of my favorites together on Maven for y’all to browse through here:


Happy gender-neutral shopping, mamas! 🙂




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