Flu season can be challenging for anyone; flu season with kids can be a whole different kind of nightmare—and a huge source of stress for parents.

Set you and your family up for a healthy winter with these smart tips to conquer flu season:


5 Tips for Surviving Flu Season With Kids


1. Up the Vitamin C Intake

Being proactive when it comes your family’s Vitamin C intake can help prevent a cold or flu before it starts.

Throughout flu season, make sure you keep foods rich in Vitamin C on hand. Kid-friendly favorites like strawberries, oranges, and mango are always winners.

You could also opt for a multi-vitamin or Vitamin C supplement (but always double check with you or your child’s doctor first).


2. Stock Up on Smart Essentials

Stocking up on cold and flu essentials at the beginning of flu season will save you from having to run out to the store when you or your family is sick. Because honestly…is there anything worse than standing in a long line when you feel like complete crap?

One thing that I always need during cold and flu season (and all year round, to be honest) is tissues, tissues, and more tissues. Stocking up on Kleenex, my go-to brand of tissues, at Walmart (either online or in one of their stores) is an absolute must in our household.

Kleenex tissues are especially fantastic during cold and flu season because the tissues themselves kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. What?! I know. My mind was completely blown when I learned this, too.

How does that work exactly? Kleenex has moisture activated blue dot layer with special anti viral formula to kill cold and flu viruses. Super cool, right?



You can stock up on Kleenex at your local Walmart, or on Walmart.com with year-round free 2 day shipping here


3. Stay Super Hydrated

When you’re sick, the fluids in your body tend to evaporate quicker than usual. This means that you need extra fluids to keep yourself healthy—and water is a true flu season powerhouse.

Keep water readily available all flu season long, and remind your little ones to take sips throughout the day.


4. Wash Your Hands Constantly

Germs are everywhere during cold and flu season, especially in places with lots of children, such as schools and daycare centers.

Practicing regular hand washing (and reminding your kiddos to do the same) is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stop the spread of germs, so make sure to make it a habit in your household.


5. Get Plenty of Rest

Getting some serious shut eye will help you and your family’s immune systems work to the best of their ability.

Take advantage of the shorter winter days by setting an earlier bed time to stay well-rested all flu season long.



Do you have any great tips for staying healthy during flu season with kids? Let me know in the comments!