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One my favorite parts about fall? Lighting some amazing fall-scented candles, cozying up on the couch under a big comfy fall blanket, and sipping on a mug of warm apple cider while enjoying a movie.

During the autumn months, I like to watch movies set in the fall season as much as possible. While I love, love, LOVE a great Halloween flick, I try to reserve those for October.  For the rest of fall, I try to dip into some other great films that feature gorgeous leaves, layers of sweaters and scarves, and back to school/football season goodness.

These are some of my favorite non-halloween movies that come with some serious fall vibes. Get cozy and enjoy! 🙂

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10 Non-Halloween Movies With Some Serious Fall Vibes

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1. Stepmom

Photo Credit: TriStar Pictures

Rent or Purchase Stepmom on Amazon here.


2. Dead Poets Society

 Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures

Rent or Purchase Dead Poets Society on Amazon here.


3. October Sky

 Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Rent or Purchase October Sky on Amazon here.


4. Practical Magic

 Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Rent or Purchase Practical Magic on Amazon here.


5. Remember the Titans

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Rent or Purchase Remember the Titans on Amazon here.


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6. Rushmore

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures

Rent or Purchase Rushmore on Amazon here.


7. Good Will Hunting

Photo Credit: Miramax

Rent or Purchase Good Will Hunting on Amazon here.


8. When Harry Met Sally

fall movies when harry met sally

Photo Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

Rent or Purchase When Harry Met Sally on Amazon here.


9. Far From Heaven

movies set in fall far from heaven

Photo Credit: Miramax

Rent or Purchase Far From Heaven on Amazon here.


10. Hannah and Her Sisters

best fall movies Hannah and her sisters
Photo Credit: Miramax

Rent or Purchase Hannah and Her Sisters on Amazon here.


What are your favorite non-Halloween fall flicks to watch every autumn? Let me know in the comments!

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