Yesterday with my guy out of town, I decided to take the girls on a Saturday morning adventure—just the three of us.

After everyone was awake, we piled into the car for an hour and a half road trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We visited Chattanooga about a year ago when I was pregnant with Baby #2 to explore the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, Dave being completely obsessed with all things Civil War. Apparently it’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re into that sort of thing. (I’m not, but I’m trusting his history-major-dorkiness here.) Even if you’re not into history, you can get behind the free admission and scenic driving tour.


I have been dying to get back to Chattanooga and explore literally anything else.

Using my tips for exploring a new city with kids, I started doing a little research.

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Like so many great adventures, this one began with me finding a local coffee shop that I just had to try: Milk and Honey, located right in the heart of Chattanooga.

Milk and honey coffee shop Chattanooga Tennessee kids
After an iced Burnt Sugar Latte and Milk and Honey Scone for me (both amazing!), a pink cupcake for breakfast for my oldest gal (because treat), and some quality time playing with the “crunchy paper” that my scone came on for the baby (because free entertainment) we were off to explore a bit of Chattanooga.

When exploring a new city with kids, I like to find something that combines a fun activity for the kids with a bit of local charm for me. Chattanooga offers the perfect such spot: The Chattanooga Riverfront.

Located about 5 driving minutes away from Milk and Honey, the waterfront stretches for a ways along the Tennessee River.

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We drove down a bit until stumbling across a small playground with a river view—perfect!!


The girls and I parked in a pay lot across the street ($0.25 per 15 minutes; free on Sundays!) and walked over. Easy peasy.

The Playground

Playground Chattanooga riverfront park with kids

Swings for both babies and bigger kids. Some slides and climbing equipment. Not a huge park, but enough to entertain the little ones.

A word of caution for anyone with super active little ones: the playground is close to the roads and the fencing is…minimal…to say the least. The playground equipment itself actually opens up directly onto the sidewalk, which is very nerve racking. When we were there, the girls pretty much stuck to the swings, but DEFINIATELY be aware of this opening if your little ones are climbing.

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The Views

Kids views Chattanooga Tennessee riverfront

Okay, guys. The park itself is fine, but what really makes this a great find is the views of the Chattanooga Riverfront.

There park is up on a hill, allowing you to look down over the water.

This makes it an easy and beautiful spot to snap a few pictures (always document your adventures!!) without having to make a separate spot.

Berkeley, our oldest girl, also enjoyed picking flowers on the hill while Abilene (the baby) played in the grass nearby.

Visit the Chattanooga Riverfront

The Riverfront is located at:

101 Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga, TN 37402

The playground is easily visible from the road, and parking is directly across the street.

Go on a sunny day and enjoy!

Mom and baby at Chattanooga Tennessee Riverfront

Exploring Chattanooga riverfront with kids in Tennessee