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Christmas while traveling

Anyone else travel non-stop during the holiday season? For the past few years we’ve been on the road around Christmas, even spending a Christmas Eve in a San Francisco hotel room with our two year old.

When I realized that we wouldn’t be “home for the holidays” that year, I felt a bit sad, to be honest. I always try to make the holidays special for our family, and a hotel room in a random city doesn’t exactly scream “Christmas!”.

Sometimes that’s life, though, right? Schedules work out a certain way and you can’t control them. You are then left with a choice: either mope around being sad or figure out away to make the best of your situation. We, of course, tried to make the best of the situation—for our sake and for our girl.

And you know what? One of the best Christmases ever, hands down. With a little bit of planning and a bit of effort, we were able to create some real holiday magic, even when we weren’t at home.

If you’re planning on traveling this holiday season, these tips will help you up the Christmas spirit from where ever you’re celebrating:  


How to Create Holiday Magic for Your Kids (Even When You’re Not at Home)


1. Bring Fun Holiday Attire

Nothings says Christmas morning quite like Christmas pajamas. This tradition is a fun one to include, and is super easy to pull off, even if you’re traveling.


2. Pack Festive (and Easy) Holiday Snacks

Don’t leave your holiday snacks up to chance. Plan ahead and pack some fun and festive holiday treats for your family to enjoy while traveling.

A few fun and tasty snacks that travel well include:

  • Holiday popcorn tins
  • Red and green fruit, such as grapes or apples
  • Christmas cookies
  • Holiday trail mix, which could includes festive red and green candies along with things like pretzels, chocolate chips, marshmallows, or pre-popped popcorn
  • Hot chocolate


3. Create a Personalized Message from Santa for Your Kids

This is a fun new tradition that we will be starting this year—a personal, custom video and call from Santa himself with Portable North Pole!

PNP is an app that allows you to easily create customized videos for your little ones featuring Santa and other friends at the North Pole. Not only will Santa address your little one by name, but the videos can also include images of specific toys s/he is interested in receiving, and—my personal favorite—advice for how to make the “nice list” next year. “Be Nice to Your Sister” was the immediate, no-brainer choice for our family. 🙂

Portable North Pole’s personal, custom videos and calls from Santa make magic happen from anywhere. You can learn more about starting this fun holiday tradition on PNP’s website here.


4. Bring Simple Holiday Decor and Activities

A little goes a long way with this one. Think simple: a holiday throw blanket, a string of lights, a table-top-sized Christmas tree. Even just a pop of holiday decor can transform any space into something a little bit more magical.

You can also bring along some kid-friendly holiday activities such as holiday puzzles or books. Festive AND entertaining!


5. Capture the Memories!

Even if you’re away from home, make sure that the memories last forever through pictures and videos of your little ones.

When you’re using the PNP app, you can actually record a “reaction video” of your little ones watching their personalized message from Santa. The smiles and sense of awe on their little faces is something you’ll definitely want to remember.



Have you ever spent a Christmas season away from home with your kids? How did you keep the holiday season magical? Let me know in the comments!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Portable North Pole.

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