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Every April is Earth Month, which means there’s a whole lot of love going around for our beautiful planet. While everyone can find a fun way to celebrate our environment, it’s especially wonderful to find ways to celebrate with your children.

From starting a family garden to special Pinterest crafting sessions, there are countless ways for you to add a little extra Earth goodness to your kids’ routines throughout the month. In our home, we try to help our little ones learn to love all that our planet has to offer, while also teaching them how to take care of it.

These are our family’s favorite little ways to love up on our planet while we are celebrating Earth Month—and all year round!


celebrating earth month

Celebrating Earth Month: Our Family’s Favorite Little Ways to Love The Planet

1. Play Outside

One of the best ways to help your little ones learn to love their planet is to take them outside to enjoy it! With the arrival of warmer weather and all of the beautiful plants and flowers that spring time has to offer, April is the perfect time of year to do this.

Whether you decide to go for a family hike or spend a morning playing at a park, keeping snacks and fluids handy is a must. Whenever you venture outside, make sure that you’re also mindful about what you’re taking with you.

We try to look for snacks and beverages in sustainable packaging, such as the paperboard packaging from Tetra Pak. Not only is the packaging on products like JUST Water paper-based, but the cap is plant based, making the whole package 100% recyclable. The fact that the containers are BPA-free and don’t require preservatives or additives makes them a win for our family. (P.S. the organic tangerine infused water is AMAZING.)

celebrating earth day just water

2. Green Your Routine at Home

Never underestimate what young children are capable of learning. While it may seem like a stretch for children under age 5 to start grasping some eco-friendly concepts such as using less plastic and recycling, you’ll be amazed at what earth-friendly habits your little ones can pick up on.

Since kids learn a lot from what they see their parents do, we make sure to practice a green routine at home. We use reusable containers whenever possible for things like water and to-go cups of coffee, and opt for recyclable options (like the Mocha Cold Brew from Bulletproof Coffee—packaged by Tetra Pak and 100% recyclable) when we need something that’s grab-and-go.

celebrating earth day bulletproof coffee

3. Talk About Why

It’s one thing to take steps to making greening your routine the norm in your home, but don’t forget to also teach your kids why you’re doing it. Having a reason for the actions will help your children really grasp why it’s important to make choices that align with sustainability, renewability, and recycling.

Our family’s “why”? It’s pretty simple, honestly. We try to keep things green so that we can protect what we love: our environment, our planet, and ourselves.  By making smart, conscious choices when it comes to the products we use, we can contribute to making sure that happens.

celebrating earth month just water

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