Recovering from a c-section is no picnic. You’ve had freakin’ SURGERY, after all. Walking is difficult, wearing pants is excruciating, and even laughing is uncomfortable.

And if you’re a mom who is planning to try breastfeeding after a c-section? You have a whole different set of things to worry about on top of your recovery.

After making sure you’re all set on your postpartum essentials for after a c-section, use these tips to help you start off your breastfeeding journey successfully after a c-section.


breastfeeding after a c-section

Breastfeeding After a C-Section: 3 Ways to Make It Easier

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1. Use a Breastfeeding Pillow

Wiggling newborn + healing cesarian incision = a painful combo. Adding some separation between your new baby and your soon-to-be mama scar will save you a lot of discomfort.

One of the best ways to keep your little love away from your incision is with a breastfeeding pillow.

Whether you go with a Boppy Pillow¬†with a really cute cover (what I used and loved with both of my babies), an Ergo Natural Curve Nursing Pillow, or any of the breastfeeding pillows that you can find on Amazon, just make sure you pick something that’s well-reviewed and fits within your budget.


2. Set up A Nursing Station

While you should definitely make a point to stand up and walk after having a c-section to speed along the recovery, walking for extending periods of time to track down all of your nursing supplies isn’t an ideal way to get those steps in.

Set yourself up for success by having a ready-to-go nursing station by your couch, glider, bed, or wherever you plan to breastfeed your little one when returning from the hospital.


3. Master the Art of Side Nursing

If I had to pinpoint one single thing that helped me meet my breastfeeding goals, the side nursing position would be it. Hands down. 100%. Easy question. No contest.

While I definitely side nursed my younger daughter after having a VBAC, this position was most helpful while receiving from a c-section after my first birth. It keeps your baby’s weight off of your healing abdomen, while also allowing you to stretch out a little bit.

You can learn how to master the side-nursing position here.


Did you breastfeed after having a c-section? What tips and tricks worked best for you? Let me know in the comments!


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