Best pregnancy movies

I had rough pregnancies that left me spending a lot of time trying to get comfy on a couch with little to do. Between morning sickness, acid reflux, and pretty much every other pregnancy symptom imaginable, I wasn’t really up for much else. One of my favorite ways to pass the time? Watching movies and television shows that featured a pregnant character.

After re-watching Friends Season 8, the last few episodes of Sex and the City Season 4, and Gilmore Girls Season 3, Episode 13 that features a teenage Loreli giving birth…I was ready to switch things up a bit.

Enter: Pregnancy movies!

Below are some of the best pregnancy movies out there—perfect for watching when you’re waiting for your little one to make her or his debut.

And yes, before you ask, Rosemary’s Baby is on this list. If you’re like me, you may need to take a break from rom-com overload with a flick about a woman carrying the devil’s child. Honestly? It made my awful pregnancy symptoms seem like a walk in the park when I watched it. If it’s not for you (which is completely understandable), feel free to skip right past that one.  🙂

You can check to see if any of these movies are currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go or any other streaming service you may already have. If not, you can rent them from Amazon for a few bucks with the links I’ve included for you below.

Happy pregnant movie viewing, mamas!

The Best Pregnancy Movies to Watch When You’re Pregnant

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Knocked Up

movies to watch when pregnant knocked up Photo Credit: Universal Pictures and Apatow Productions


Baby Mama

baby mama pregnancy movies

 Photo Credit: Broadway Video


Father of the Bride Part II

father of the bride part 2 pregnancy movies

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures


Rosemary’s Baby

rosemary's baby movies about being pregnant

Photo Credit: William Castle Productions


pregnancy movies juno

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight Productions


She’s Having a Baby
having a baby movies

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

What to Expect When You’re Expectingwhat to expect when you're expecting movie

 Photo Credit: Lionsgate


Where the Heart Is

where the heart is pregnancy movies
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


Away We Go

best pregnancy movies

Photo Credit: Focus Features


Look Who’s Talking

best pregnancy movies

Photo Credit: TriStar Pictures



best pregnant movies

Photo Credit: Night and Day Pictures


Nine Months

best pregnancy movie

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


Riding in Cars With Boys

pregnancy movies to watch

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

For Keeps

for keeps pregnancy movies

Photo Credit: TriStar Entertainment


The Back-Up Plan

best pregnancy movies

Photo Credit: CBS Films




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