Visiting Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Tremont, Maine

Bass harbor head lighthouse Maine

Does a trip to Maine really count if you don’t see a lighthouse? I’m not entirely sure, but I certainly wasn’t leaving it to chance on our road trip this past summer.

After spending a little time in Bangor, Maine checking out sites like Stephen King’s house and the Maine Discovery Museum, we decided to see what else Maine had to offer. We set our sites on coastal goodness and spent a morning in Bar Harbor, Maine—which is now one of our absolute favorite places to visit!

After taking in the waterfront and grabbing some lunch (with a Maine Wild Blueberry cocktail, of course), we drove to the nearest legit-looking lighthouse: Bass Harbor Lighthouse in nearby Tremont, Maine.

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Where is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse?

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is in Acadia National Park, just over half an hour from Bar Harbor by car. Map can be found here.

What About Parking?

It’s free! There’s a parking lot above the lighthouse. The walk down from the parking lot is about 5 minutes.

Does It Cost Anything?

Nope! Completely free. We drove straight from Bar Harbor to the lighthouse parking lot and didn’t have to stop and pay an entrance fee anywhere along the way.

Is It Worth Visiting?

Yes! Visiting Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse was incredibly easy to do and left us with some wonderful photos.

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In addition to the lighthouse itself, you get to take in gorgeous views of the coast.

The drive heading towards the lighthouse was also incredibly scenic. We couldn’t stop staring  out the window.

There’s also a really great view from the coast on the other side of the lighthouse. We didn’t venture that way because the kids were over it, but it looks like this:


At the end of the day, this is a great stop. Fully recommend to anyone visiting Maine!


Have you visited a lighthouse in Maine? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments!

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