Question: what is the best season? Answer: Fall. 

The chilly weather, the hot coffee, the boots, the pumpkin everything. Ahhhh. Amazing.

Every fall, I love to make my home feel extra cozy. Some of the first things I reach for are my fluffy throws and blankets. Fall blankets are perfect for snuggling up when the weather starts to cool down.

These 25 fall blankets are soft, cozy, warm, and affordable at under $25 each.


25 Perfect Fall Blankets Under $25

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1. Soft Plaid Throw Blanket for $18.99

2. Battilo Knit Diamond Pattern Throw Blanket for $22.95

cozy fall blanket


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3. Arus Highlands Plaid Throw Blanket for $21.99


4. JML Flannel Blanket for $23.99



5. Brielle Winding Wave Throw for $24.99

fall blanket

6. Chenille Throw Blanket for $24.99


7. Morgan Home Fashions Pumpkin Pattern Throw Blanket for $24.99

8. Cotton Thermal Blanket for $24.99

9. HollyHOME Throw Blanket for $23.99


10. Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket for $24.99

11. Extra Comfy Velvet Throw Blanket for $14.99



12. DaDa Bedding Flannel Blanket for $23.71



13. Home Fashion Designs Geometric Plush Blanket for $22.99



14. Battilo Knit Diamond Pattern Throw Blanket for $21.99


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15. Textured Cross Knit Throw Blanket for $19.99

16. Cross Woven Throw Blanket for $18.99



17. Simplicity Plaid Fleece Throw for $19.99





18. Bedford Home Soft Fleece Throw for $24.18


19. Morgan Home Autumn Forest Leaves Throw for $22.99


20. Chanasya Super Soft Throw Blanket for $24.99



21. Northpoint Baroque Quilted Throw Blanket for $19.99


22. Anjuren Knit Throw Blankets for $22.99



23. Bourina Knitted Throw for $21.99



24. BNF Home Faux Fur Throw Blanket for $24.16



25. HollyHOME Herringbone Throw Blanket for $23.99 


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What are your favorite blankets to snuggle under when the weather gets cold?