PSA: Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 14, 2017.

With only a few weeks to go, we’ve put together a list of 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Millennial Moms.

Every item on this list is:

  1. Either from a small shop or a non-profit organization with a family-focused mission
  2. Chosen with the millennial mom in mind, but certainly not limited to any one group. (My baby-boomer mom would love to display the personalized wooden card on this list in her living room.)
  3. Something that the mom you’re shopping for can’t pick up for herself at Target. Important!

Without further ado…

gift ideas for young mom mother's day 2017

1. “I’m A Cool Mom” Burlap Pillow from TwoPeachesDesign

mean girls quote pillow burlap cool mom mothers day gift idea

We love some burlap, and we love some Mean Girls.

This pillow from Charlotte, North Carolina shop TwoPeachesDesign is pretty much everything we could want in a Mother’s Day gift, but there are plenty of other mama-worthy designs to choose from if kick-ass Tina Fey quotes ain’t your thang.

Shop TwoPeachesDesign here.

2. Friends or Gilmore Girls Print from Northern Liberties

Friends Gilmore Girl print poster mothers day gift ideas

Husband and wife duo Jessica and Henrique run this charming little Etsy shop, featuring their beautiful original designs, in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

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They have over 500 designs to choose from, but the Gilmore Girls and Friends designs, like the But First Coffee print featured above, are our personal favorites for millennial mamas.

Shop at Northern Liberties here.

3. “Family is Everything” Tote Bag from Adopt Together

Family is Everything Tote bag mom gift 2017

Millennials love supporting a good cause, and Adopt Together, an organization that helps families fund adoptions through crowdsourcing, is about as good as it gets.

We love the simplicity and functionality of this Family is Everything Tote Bag, but they have lots of other family-themed gift ideas that any mom would love. 100% of the profits go towards helping families cover the cost of adoption and bringing their children home.

Shop at Adopt Together here.

4. Kids’ Names Rings from KathrynRiechert

rings with kids names on them mothers day gift idea

There are a lot of name ring options out there, but these beautifully simple and clean rings from KathrynRiechert are our favorites.

The shop has been operating out of Savannah, Georgia since 2006, and all of the jewelry is well-reviewed and available at different price points to fit within your budget.

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Shop at KathrynRiechert here.

5. Mama Graphic Tee from Malyn Logic

mom graphic tshirt for mothers day 2017 gift

It’s not secret that millennials love a good graphic tee. These mama tees from Malyn Logic are really speaking to us right now.

They’re cute, comfy, and will pair perfectly with those yoga pants that we can’t seem to stop rocking.

Shop Malyn Logic here.

6. Personalized Mom Candle from Hello You Candles

home mom candle quote personalized mother's day gift idea

Candle + Card wrapped up in one fabulous-smelling little package.

These candles from Hello You Candles in Rancho Santa Margarita, California feature a mama-themed design on the front and your personalized message on the back.

Shop Hello You Candles here.


7. “We Love You to The Death Star and Back” Shadow Box from Tom Cat Studios

star wars mothers day nerd gift idea millennial

Nerd moms unite over this “We Love You to The Death Star and Back” Shadow Box from Tom Cat Studios in Irvine, California.

We love that it doesn’t scream, “MOTHER’S DAY GIFT”, but still lets a mama know she’s loved.

Shop Tom Cat Studios here.


8. Shower Steamers from Lizush

mother's day gift 2017 young mom shower steamers

It’s true that most mamas love a good bubble bath, but sometimes there just isn’t time to break away from the mom life hustle to soak in a hot tub.

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Enter: these little Shower Steamers from Lizush in Pleasonton, California. Beautifully packaged like a box of candies and 100% Vegan, busy moms can pop one of these into a hot shower for a little bit of added luxury.

Shop Lizush here.


9. “Because Kids” Wine Glass from K. Rose Design Co.

because kids wine glass for moms gift young moms

This “Because Kids” wine glass from K. Rose Design Co in Springhills, Florida says it all.

Shop K. Rose Design Co here.


10. A Personalized Wooden Card from Indigo Ember


wooden card wood mothers day gift idea personalized

Cards with a genuine, heart-felt message are one of the best gifts that a mom can receive.

Why not turn the card into a true keepsake by going with a Personalized Wooden Card from IndigoEmber in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

We are in love with this modern take on a classic gift idea.

Shop IndigoEmber here.



What are your favorite gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year? 

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