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It’s lovely to have you here.


Created by a coffee-loving millennial mama who is the introvertiest of the introverts (more on that here), With Kids and Coffee began as a way for moms who don’t have a mom squad to connect with one another, share parenting tips and tricks, and lift each other up (with sarcasm and Instagrammed pictures of coffee, usually).


With Kids and Coffee is a space for:

  • Team Mom, Team “Fed is Best”, Team “We’re All in This Together” kinda folks
  • Providing support to all parents—millennial moms, in particular
  • Sharing pregnancy experiences
  • Travel tips and tricks—especially traveling with kids
  • Budgeting best practices and ways to be thrifty and scrappy
  • Coffee lovers of all kinds—from Counter Culture to Dunkin’ Donuts to everything and anything in between, we love it all


With Kids and Coffee is not a space for:

  • Coffee snobbery (I’ll drink my Green Straw whenever I’d like, thx.)
  • Mom shaming
  • Fat shaming
  • All other kinds of shaming
  • Negativity or hatred of any kind

There’s no room for negativity here. In comments or any affiliated social media accounts. No. Space.

Any comment that we feel is inappropriate or disrespectful will be deleted, with or without notification to the author. We’re all about that “Don’t bring negative to my door” life here. (That Dr. Maya Angelou really knew what she was talking about, didn’t she?)

If trolling is your thing, please consider a new thing. But if you won’t, please take it elsewhere.